Revolved Triangle or Parivrtta Trikonasana

This month’s pose is deceptively tricky! A stretch and a rotation on a narrow axis. Often students dont like this so make the pose work for you by using a block. Make sure you are really warm before attempting this. Poses that lead into this are: Wide Leg Forward Fold, Triangle and Parsvottasana.

On an exhalation, step feet apart to form an equalateral triangle. Raise your arms shoulder height parallel to the floor, palms down. Turn feet and body to the right. Align the right heel with the left heel so that feet are pointing towards the short end of the mat. As you bring the left hip around to the right pull back with the right hip and firmly ground the left heel.

With another exhalation, turn your torso further to the right and lean forward over the front leg. Reach your left hand down, either to the floor (inside or outside the foot) or, if the floor is too far away, onto a block positioned against your inner right foot. Allow the left hip to drop slightly toward the floor. You may need to press the outer right thigh actively to the left to bring you into better alignment. Gaze is to the right thumb.

If raising your right arm compromises the pose wrap the arm behind your back or hook the thumb into the right hip crease.

Hold for 5 deep breaths before coming out and repeating on the other side.

Counter with a Wide Leg Forward Fold.

Many thanks again to Cat for being a willing model. I am on the look out for a male volunteer!


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