East Sussex

Friday 19th – Sunday 21st May 2023

I invite you to a mindful and relaxing retreat weekend with me at Gayles Farm Friston, near Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Although this is a beautiful rural setting with wonderful adjacent walks to Cuckmere Haven and Birling Gap, it is served by good travel links.

This is a chance to unwind and be away from the world and also deepen your yoga practice. The environment and ambience at Gayle’s encourages an open, safe and relaxed atmosphere that promotes learning and self-development.

There will be four long sessions of yoga, two dinners, two lunches and two breakfasts all included in the price of £350 per person. The meals at Gayles are superb. Our hosts Roz and Derry provide freshly prepared, uncomplicated but delicious vegetarian meals, taking into account the focus of the practice as well as the availability of the produce from their gardens. They are also able to accommodate special diets (e.g. Vegan) as long as you state this when booking. Fruit, teas and coffee are always available.

The accommodation is in small dormitories, although is a limited option to have a private room with shared bathroom  – 1 single £395, 1 double £745 per couple.  There is also plenty of space for quiet contemplation.

I heartily encourage you to look at the Retreat to Gayle’s website (

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. If you would like to book a place the deposit is £50 which non-refundable unless I can get someone to take your place.


Friday 3rd November – Sunday 5th November 2023 details to follow.

Testimonials  of students who I have worked with on previous retreats.

“My wife and I joined Nicky at Gayle’s Retreat in Sussex in May this year and had a wonderful time. The yoga itself was extremely enjoyable with Nicky being an excellent teacher. She gave clear guidance and ensured that individual attention was given to all in attendance, proving individual adjustment to poses where needed. This was particularly welcome as I had a fairly severe knee injury at the time and Nicky was always very adaptable to this. On top of this the food, hosts and locations were all spectacular. Delicious vegetarian meals, warm and welcoming conversation from all, and beautiful coastal walks right in the middle of the Seven Sisters. What more could one ask for? The entire trip was exactly what we needed after what had a been a very busy and stressful time for us and we left feeling relaxed and re-energised.” Jon, Norwich

I didn’t know it at the time, but I fell in love with Yoga with Nicky. Having experienced a yoga holiday in Turkey with her as a relative novice, I’ve been a solid devotee ever since.  She knows how to tailor the practice to bring out the best in you with her careful balance of mindfulness and physical challenge. It also helps that it’s fun with Nicky! “ Lisa, London.

“Nicky that yoga holiday completely changed my idea about yoga and fitness. Always been fit, always loved yoga but NEVER like that suddenly the 2 were combined. In the 2 weeks I spent with you my body completely changed and honestly I have never looked back – fabulous personality, fabulous teaching style – wish you all the best in the world.” Vicky, Aberdeen.

“I felt real progress in my practice after spending a week in Turkey last summer with Nicky as my teacher. Bearing in mind we did 3 hours of yoga per day, she managed to keep it varied and interesting. I’d love to spend another week with her teaching me.” Leigh, London.

“I enjoyed those yoga sessions with you so much in Turkey. I know we said it to you before but it stands true for me that you are the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. I reckon it has something to do with the patience and attentiveness  you develop when you’re a primary school teacher used to dealing with small children. Thank you for the inspiration and confidence. I hope your career continues to blossom and you help more people like me.” Mona, London.