Revolved Head to Knee Variation


I have only just found this delightful variation of Revolved Head to Knee Pose and wanted to share it with you.

Begin in Dandasana (sitting tall with legs out in front of you).

Bend the left knee back and reach under the left leg for your ankle (or as far as you can) with your right hand. It is best if the right elbow makes contact with the floor but if it doesn’t don’t worry.

Breath in and stretch the left arm up and as you breath out try to catch your big toe with your peace fingers (consider using a belt to assist).

As you settle into the pose allow yourself to rotate more and more to the left each time you breathe out. You should get a wonderful stretch in the left side body and also in the hamstrings of the right leg.

Hold for 5-10 deep breaths before repeating on the other side

Thank you Heather for modelling this so gracefully.

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