Asana of the Month

IMG_2085IMG_2084This month’s pose was taught to me as a Psoas stretch and indeed if you can rotate your torso there is an element of stretch here but for me this asana stretches the quad and the outer thigh. I would recommend using padding under the knee but if it causes you pain then give this pose a miss.
Thanks to Lou and Cat for being holding the pose whilst I fiddled about with my camera!
Start on all fours, bring the left foot forward and come on to the blade edge of the left foot. See if you can drop down onto your right elbow (use a block if that helps to bring the earth up to you). Spend a few breaths here encouraging the leg knee to drop outwards. If it is available to you bend up your right leg and catch hold of the foot with your left hand. Twist left and gaze to the ceiling. Spend a few deep breaths here before repeating on the other side.
Why not send me a photo of you doing this pose!?

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