Asana of the Month

IMG_2085IMG_2084This month’s pose was taught to me as a Psoas stretch and indeed if you can rotate your torso there is an element of stretch here but for me this asana stretches the quad and the outer thigh. I would recommend using padding under the knee but if it causes you pain then give this pose a miss.
Thanks to Lou and Cat for being holding the pose whilst I fiddled about with my camera!
Start on all fours, bring the left foot forward and come on to the blade edge of the left foot. See if you can drop down onto your right elbow (use a block if that helps to bring the earth up to you). Spend a few breaths here encouraging the leg knee to drop outwards. If it is available to you bend up your right leg and catch hold of the foot with your left hand. Twist left and gaze to the ceiling. Spend a few deep breaths here before repeating on the other side.
Why not send me a photo of you doing this pose!?

Twisted Pigeon


So here we have the lovely Cat demonstrating one of my favourite Poses: Pigeon with a Twist! A great pose to open hips, shoulders, stretch the glutes and twist the spine.

  • Start on all fours. Draw right knee to the back of the right wrist.
  • Gently draw right foot towards left wrist. Do not put any undue pressure on the knee or take it beyond it’s normal range of movement. If there is any pain discontinue this asana.
  • Wiggle the left leg out strong and straight behind you. Both hips should be level (use a block or blanket to prop if necessary).
  • Walk your hands forward to spend five breaths in sleeping pigeon.
  • Come back up. Lay your left forearm on the floor and twist your right arm behind you. If you can catch hold of your big toe then bind or use a belt to bridge the gap. Gaze to the ceiling to emphasise energy directing into the twist.


August Pose of the month – Elephant


An nice easy gentle twist for these lazy Summer days!

Start with your feet wide apart parallel to the edge of your mat.

Slowly on an exhale slide your hands down the back of your legs to the floor (use a block if your hans don’t reach).

Place the left hand on the floor and twist slowly on an exhale to the right. Try to keep the pelvis level and steady so that the twist is in the upper body. Stay here for five breaths or longer. As an extension it may feel nice to take the right hand to the left leg as demonstrated by Paula here.

Repeat on the other side.

Come back up nice and slowly keeping the chin tucked in until you are fully upright.

Cossack Pose


To begin working into Cossack Pose I recommend a gentle warm up such as a Sun Salutation. Then starting with the legs wide apart  fold over from the hips.

Then bend your right knee and walk your hands across the floor over to right foot.

Soften the elbows and increase the bend of the knee to lengthen out the inner thigh on the left leg.

Walk the hands over to the left and repeat the work here.

Do this several times.

Come back to the right and now dig the left heel into the mat, increasing the inner thigh stretch.

Again repeat several times on each leg.

Then if you have the balance bring your hands to prayer and lift your upper body upright, as you can see It is still a work in progress for me!

Any questions please ask!