Supta Gomulkasana or Reclined Cow

IMG_0834I am glad that I managed to look so peaceful in this pose as when one’s hips are tight it can feel very pinchy indeed (imagine double Pigeon)! I am sure there is a joke in here somewhere about cows but we will remember they are revered in India as the symbol of life.

Start lying on the floor with knees pointing to the ceiling.

Lift the left leg over the right and grasp under the soles of the feet, on an exhale gently pull the feet towards the chest and then gently pull the feet away from each other.

On subsequent out breaths continue to draw the feet further apart.

Breath into any tightness in the hips, releasing tension and debris that is inhibiting the flow of energy around the body.

Uncross legs come back to start and notice any differences before repeating on the other side.

When you come to do an upright Gomulkasana it will be so much easier!

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