Pose of the Month -Balance Boat

In researching yoga poses for a student who wants to rehabilitate her wrist, I discovered that that the best way to prevent injury to the wrists is to develop a strong core! By having a strong core if you should fall the impact will be absorbed better by the entire body rather than the wrists. She going to be soooo pleased!

So this reminded me of this great balance which is not as hardcore as Navasana (full boat pose) but will work your core effectively.

Sit in Dandasana with legs out, checking the sit bones are anchored on the earth. Bring the soles of the feet together. On an inhale lift the feet from the ground. Keep lifting through the breastbone in order to prevent the back rounding. Keep the shoulders relaxed and try and stay here for five breaths but if it is too intense come out and take a restorative pose on your back.

2 thoughts on “Pose of the Month -Balance Boat

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