Shavasana – Pose of the Month Jan 17

The essence of yoga, going within and experiencing yourself. This may seem like a counter-intuitive Pose to do when the suggestion in January is to get active. But Shavasana is essential in a yoga practice. It does not have to be at the end either!

Extend arms away from the body. Flatten the shoulders. Rest on the centre point on the back of your skull. Feet are shoulder width apart, allow them to fall outwards. Do not have arms or legs too close to the body so that you do not feel cramped or claustrophobic nor so far apart that your energy feels dispersed. Find your perfect alignment and then give yourself permission to relax and do nothing.

Relax everywhere and be aware of how you feel. Relax and let go of every mental and physical tension, temporarily let go of everything that you don’t need. Willingly put aside concerns, worries, fears and release every discernible hint of tension in your body. Savour the way you feel.

Often we are unconsciously tense so that we barely even notice it. So take notice of where your body is tight and deliberately release and relax in order to experience what it is like to be tension free. Not uptight, not contracted or compressed not shielded but voluntarily undefended and relaxed and therefore expansive, spacious, clear, clean, wide open ready to surrender.

As I said it is the essence of yoga, going within and experiencing yourself. the feeling of undefended, uncontracted, undistorted being is stillness, peace – and the peace of stillness feels good,positively blissful. peace is a higher energy state than we are used to. peace is high energy centred, a dynamic calm. with practice the peace of infinite being becomes increasingly familar and you will discover it is always available to be experienced.


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