Humble Warrior


I love stretching my back out in Humble Warrior. Because it is an inversion blood is rushing to the head so it is a deeply calming pose whilst being challenging.

From a wide legged standing position turn both feet and the body to the left as you exhale soften and bend the left knee. Keep the groin open and protect your knee by checking that you can see your big toe. Gently encourage your left knee to move towards the little toe side.

Interlace your fingers behind your back. Inhale to expand your chest and lungs.

As you exhale, continue to keep your heart open and gently bow forward. Your left shoulder may lovingly nudge your left leg even further to the left as you release your pelvis and drop deeper into the pose.

As you exit this pose, stay mindful that this deep stretch places potential stress on the knee and lower back if you stand up too quickly. Make sure you gradually straighten the left leg and keep yourself grounded with your back leg as you rise on an inhale.

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