Baby Cradle


Sit tall with your legs out in front of you in dandasana (staff pose). If your lower back rounds sit up on a folded blanket. You can keep your left leg extended, or bend your left knee, bringing your left heel to your right outer hip.

Bend your right knee in toward you, wrap your hands around your right shin, and draw your right knee up in toward your right armpit, flexing your right foot. Continue to sit tall, lengthening up through your spine. Then bring your left hand to hold the sole of your right foot, right under your heel, and bring your right hand to your outer right knee. Rock your leg from side to side a few times, like you’re cradling a baby.

You can stay here, or, if it feels comfortable and accessible today, you can bring your right knee to the crook of your right elbow. Stay here, or bring your right foot into the crook of your left elbow. Lift your shin up toward your sternum (breastbone), and lengthen up tall through your spine. Draw the little toe side of your right foot back toward your knee (it will tend to reach forward, away from your knee), and aim your knee toward the little-toe side of your foot, working to make your shin more horizontal. Press out through the ball of your right big toe.

Try to keep the foot flexed as this will help protect your knee.

Repeat on the other side.

Thank you for Maria who looks so serene each time she does this pose!

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