Pose of the Month July – Tiger Balance

IMG_1491July: a month when we are often conscious of our core strength (or lack of it) for vanity reasons due to being on display at the beach! However having a strong core is essential for executing so many yoga poses to the best of our ability, particularly balances. It also  gives us better more upright alignment which better for the flow of energy through the body. Thanks to Tony for modelling this us.

Start on all fours in a level tabletop position with knees under hips and hands under shoulders.

Step back with the right leg pushing the toes into the earth to get a nice calf stretch for a few breaths.

On an inhale lift the right leg (ideally level with your spine) and as much as raising the leg aim to lengthen the leg. Try not to let the back arch by pulling in the tummy muscles up to the spine. Encourage the left shin to drop to the floor or place padding under so you have a greater surface area to balance upon. Keep pulling you core in and extend the left arm level with your ear, again aiming to feel a lovely stretch and flow of energy from fingertip to toes.  Stay here for a five deep breaths before repeating on the other side.

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