Seal Pose


Following on from last month’s backbend (Extended Puppy Pose) this pose is a great way to strengthen your back muscles without jerking and overdoing it as often happens in more strenuous backbends.

I found this pose when doing Yin Yoga and it is typically held for three minutes, you may not want to do that but try to hold it for ten long, slow deep breaths. This pose is very rewarding in feeling the breath in the belly.

Make sure you warm up before doing this pose by doing a few SunSaluations or half salutations.

From lying on the mat on an inhale stretch your arms away, spreading the fingers, thus sharing the weight evenly. Lengthen tailbone and feel the pubic bone pushing into the earth. Check that you are not holding tension in the buttocks. Encourage the shins to drop to the earth. The closer the legs are together the more challenging the pose. Needless to say if you feel any discomfort in your back come out of the pose drop your cheek the mat and let the heels drop outwards and curve your arms down to your hips.

Doing this everyday for a month and you will see a difference in your back strength.

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