Half Mountain


Thanks to the lovely Cat for posing in Half Mountain for me.

I like to do this pose near the start of my practice as it is an easy (ish) balance and a hip opener and it lets me know how my balance is shaping up.

Start in Mountain with big toes touching and a slight gap at the ankles. Check the weight is equally distributed between both feet. Prepare for the left foot to take weight and peel the right foot off the floor.

Inhale and draw the right leg up so that ideally the heel finds the soft hollow at the top of the left leg. Avoid bringing tension to the pose, check that you are not crunching the mat with your toes.

Relax the right leg so that the knee hangs heavy and works with gravity to open the hip.

On the next inhale stretch the right arm alongside the ear trying keep the shoulders relaxed. If possible raise both arms but if your foot loses its place or your bottom starts to stick out go back a stage.

Hold for 5 to 10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

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